Protein Doughnut Bake Off

Happy Tuesday!!

I had the weekend off which is very rare for me, so when I saw this recipe last week I just knew I had to make it!! ❤ After a few discussions with my girl Vian we decided that we were going to do a protein doughnut bake off and make the incredible recipe by the incredible Samantha Hadadi 🙂 (

I am always up for a challenge so I was up early on Sunday morning making these beauties! I decided to do a chocolate glaze & a peanut butter glaze & this is how they turned out 🙂


  image3  image4

Oooohhhh myyyyy goodness – they taste SO good 😀 The chocolate frosting was INCREDIBLE ❤ I ended up eating most of it before I put it on top of the doughnuts. The recipe was so easy to make and I would recommend this recipe to anyone!!

Take a look at Vian’s Protein Doughnuts on her twitter (@vii240) & on instagram (veee240) 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Beki x


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