Product Review – San Clemente Cookie Dough Company

Happy Monday!

I came across San Celemente Cookie Dough Company whilst having a stalk on Instagram and I was instantly fascinated by the product. They are gluten, egg and dairy free cookie dough that you can eat raw or baked! So I thought how on earth would they taste? I dropped the company an email to ask them if they can send me some of their products for me to review on my blog. 5 days later, a beautiful package appeared, eek!

I was at work when the parcel arrived and I couldn’t help but eat one of each flavour raw! They are all amazing, the PB one is without a doubt my absolute favourite (but that’s because I adore peanut butter ❤ ). They are rich, creamy and have loads of flavour. Urgh, I just love raw cookie dough 🙂

As soon as I got home, I whacked the oven on and got into baking mode. The raw cookie dough states that you squeeze the dough out & roll into two balls and bake in the oven for 8/10 minutes. So that’s exactly what I did! I am always so impatient when things are in the oven haha. When the timer finally went off, it was interesting to see how the cookies came out. The chocolate ones came out a lot flatter compared to the other two, the other flavours still had some height to the cookies. However, it wasn’t down to how they looked! It all depended on the taste…

IMG_6372  IMG_6378

When baked, the cookie dough cookies taste delicious!! A lot nicer compared to when I had the mixture raw. They have a great texture and are sweet without being sickly.


The peanut butter cookies were very crumbly, however they were still amazing. They taste so good raw and baked, my favourite so far! The texture of these cookies were phenomenal, this is how a cookie should taste in my eyes! Crisp around the edges but soft on the inside.


The chocolate brownie cookies were yum! If they had been the same texture as the others I think that we would be onto a winner! They had a good chocolate flavour without being too rich. They were crisp on the outside but lovely and gooey in the middle even when cooled.


I made 4 chocolate brownie cookies in total, so after scoffing one I decided to make a cookie sandwich using 3 chocolate brownie cookies with Oppo Salted Caramel & Lacuma Ice Cream, drizzled with a home made chocolate sauce. WOW ❤


If you have to have gluten, dairy and egg free products then these are definitely the one for you. Yeh sure there are plenty of products out in the market that are free from but these are by far the best ones I have tasted! If they were protein cookies, then I think they would have hit the nail on the head with these delicious treats! But apart from that, I can’t fault them! Oh wait, there is one issue… they are an American based company.

‘Ooooooohhhh’ I hear you say! But do not worry! They will be available at the beginning of April at the UK’s BEST supplement store, Cardiff Sports Nutrition!!! 😀 Isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all day!? Make sure you keep an eye out on their website ( and Twitter (@CARDIFFSPORTSNU) for more details!

 I highly recommend that you buy these brilliant products when they land in the UK. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out!

Beki x


2 thoughts on “Product Review – San Clemente Cookie Dough Company

  1. Hi! I am the editor in chief of the Pepperdine Chapter at Spoon University and I was wondering if I could use your chocolate cookie dough picture for an article I am writing. I will give you total credit in the caption of course.
    Thank you!


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