Chocolate & Chilli Protein Mug Cake, feat. Doisy & Dam

If you follow me on Instagram (revallance_) or on Twitter (bekivallance) then you will see that I make protein mug cakes regularly. It has taken me ages, through trial & error to get the perfect recipe and I now think I have it! Don’t know whether to share it with you 😉 Hehe. You’re probably wondering why on earth I am talking about protein mug cakes. Let me explain…

I took my mum for a fun day out to the Good Food Eat Well Show in London, where I stumbled across Doisy & Dam. Doisy & Dam are a UK based company & make chocolate bars from scratch which are packed with nature’s superfood. They are the perfect treat and I wish I had bought more bars!! I grabbed a small bar of each flavour, and they are simply delicious!

I always find myself nibbling on them at night whilst I’m lying in bed. But I saved the Chilli & Ginger Chocolate for something special. On Sunday morning I thought you know what, I want a cake for breakfast! So I decided to make my chocolate protein mug cake, but with a twist 😉

image4   image5

Since posting a picture of my Chilli Chocolate Protein Mug Cake, Doisy & Dam asked me to send them the recipe to share on their website!! ❤ And I am pleased to announce that my recipe is now live! 😀

You can find this delicious recipe here –

Eeeeee, I am SO excited by this recipe!! Please make sure you go & check it out. And whilst your there, treat yourself to a couple of their chocolate bars. Go on, you deserve it!

Beki x


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