Move over Quest, Muscle Pharm coming through…

I know a couple of months ago I wrote up a review with my thoughts on the Quest Protein Bars saying that they are amazing. Well, my opinion has changed.

There are SO many protein bars out in the market right now and it’s so hard to try and find the one that you really enjoy. I know a lot of protein bars taste better when they’ve been heated slightly but what if I don’t have the facility to heat them up to make them taste better? In my eyes, I should be able to open the packet and tuck in straight away. With having as many jobs as I do and always being on the go, I always keep a protein bar on me just in case I get a bit peckish.

As you know, I order all of my protein packed goodies from Cardiff Sports Nutrition and I messaged them saying ‘please can you give me some advise on good protein bars that aren’t Quest’. Their response, Muscle Pharm Combat Bars. So of course I took their advice and I ordered the White Chocolate & Raspberry, Cinnamon Twist and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.


FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (6)

 FullSizeRender (7)

It’s pretty safe to say that none of them have disappointed me at all. I like flavour, and a lot of it. Which is why I’m no longer a fan of Quest bars. Yes the Combat Crunch bars might have a little bit more sugar or calories in but in my eyes, if it tastes good & I want more, then it’s a winner! The texture of this bar is spot on, the outside is crunchy and the middle of the bar is gooey and soft. There’s nothing I hate more than protein bars that make my jaw ache. And these, certainly do not! Perfect to grab when you’re on the go, to have pre or post workout or to put on top of proats, protein pancakes, french toast, you get the idea…

I guess what i’m trying to say is next time you want to order some protein bars from Cardiff Sports Nutrition and Quest pop into your head. Dismiss it, because they’re not the best in the market right now. Give Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch ago, I promise it will not disappoint! 😀

Beki x


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