Dark Chocolate & Chilli Protein Truffles

Mmmmm Chilli & Chocolate. I never had an obsession with this flavour combo until I tried Doisy & Dam Ginger, Chilli & Hemp Seed Chocolate. It’s incredible. I wish there was somewhere local to me that stocked them! If I want to mix up my mug cakes or beltsander brownies, I grab a couple squares of Doisy & Dam chocolate. It never disappoints 🙂 So. Enough talking, here’s the recipe!

Ingredients –

1/4 cup Double Chocolate Efectiv Nutrition Dessert Whey

1/2 cup Sukrin Almond Flour

1/4 cup Kaizen Living Raw Cacao Powder

1/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

5 soaked Pitted Dates

1 tbsp Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

1 tbsp Raw Honey

1 small bar Doisy & Dam Ginger, Chilli & Hemp Seed Chocolate

Method –

1. Start by soaking your pitted dates in warm water for 30 minutes

2. Once 30 minutes has passed, blend the dates with the other ingredients apart from the Doisy & Dam chocolate

3. The mixture is quite wet, so I would recommend using a tbsp to spoon the mixture into balls. Then place them onto a line baking tray

4. Melt the bar of Doisy & Dam Chocolate, and pour the chocolate over the truffles

5. Place back onto the baking tray and pop into the fridge for 30 mins

6. Take out, and tuck into these delicious truffles



One word… Epic. The flavour is out of this world. The Doisy & Dam chocolate takes them to another level. You get a beautiful crunch from the solidified chocolate then a soft fudgey centre, heaven!

Excuse me whilst I go and eat the whole batch 😀

Beki x


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