Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brittle!

  Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brittle!



You may or may not know that the Delicious Duo are now ambassadors for our absolute FAVOURITE nut butter, Hognuts Nut Butters! If you’ve been following us on any social media platforms I think it’s pretty clear how much and how long we’ve loved Hognuts– Beki & myself couldn’t be more honoured and excited by this opportunity 🙂

Here’s our first Hognuts Recipe!

Okay guys, I have a confession, I am a woman OBSESSED, yes I know I have an obsession with peanut butter (as if that wasn’t clear enough) but this obsession is something else and it’s with Hognuts Rocky Road peanut butter   ❤

Wait. What? Chocolate peanut butter with added marshmallows, caramel pieces, chocolate chips, biscuit pieces AND mixed nuts… is this for real?

Well actually, it is and now you know why I’m currently involved in a love affair with a tub of nut butter, but you can’t blame me, just look at it:


So before I finished devouring the tub and smothering my oats in it (which by the way you HAVE to try as the mini marshmallows and chocolate chips melt and you’re left in heaven 😉 ) I decided a recipe was on the cards. Something super quick, easy and perfect for the festive season… Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Peanut Butter Brittle.

Oh and using code ‘deliciousduo’ gets you discount at Nut Nation too  🙂


Let’s get making before you too find yourself with an empty tub earlier than you expected…



2 Bars of dark chocolate (2x 350g)

2 TBS Hognuts Rocky Road Peanut Butter

1 TBS Coconut oil (I used LucyBee)

2 TBS Mini marshmallows

1 TBS White chocolate drops


1.Simply break up the chocolate and melt with the LucyBee (this can be done in the microwave, just stop and mix every 20/30 seconds)

2.Stir in the Peanut butter when the chocolate is all melted

3.Pour onto grease proof paper and allow to cool for a few minutes then top with some extras; I used more mini marshmallows and white chocolate drops

4.Pop in the freezer for 10 minutes to set

5.Remove, devour, enjoy 😉


I’d just like to add, I am not going to be accountable for any addictions that may arise because of me. Or the fact that you’ll probably eat this entire batch of brittle because it really is that good 😉


Stay tuned for loads more recipes featuring the NEW Hognuts butters!

Lots of Festive Love,

Vee 🙂



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