Nutty Snickerdoodle Granola!

Well hey guys 🙂

Hope the new year has gotten off to a lovely start for you all, just as it has for us here at Delicious Duo HQ!

Now, if you’ve been keeping up to date with us on our social media platforms you’ll have heard and seen the new craze which is Hognuts NEW Bakin’ Butters  in 3 mouthwatering flavours;




All now available to be part of your lives from Cardiff Sports Nutrition

(VIAN10 for discount)


Just take a moment to admire those incredible textures… 😉

Yep, the Nut Butter Wizards at Hognuts have truly outdone themselves this time. So what’s the deal with these ‘bakin’ butters’ I hear you ask?  Not only are they nut butters which you can spread, scoop or lick straight out of the jars (hey no judgement here) they are peanut butter which you can bake into cookies in just 12 minutes! 


Simply spoon out however much you want, press down onto some grease proof paper, pop into the oven and BAM

You’ve just baked some incredible delicious, nutty and crumbly cookies 😀

The best thing about these ‘bakin butters is that, the possibilities of their use really is endless! So I decided to get a bit creative and came up with Snickerdoodle Granola! Because who doesn’t love granola, especially if it takes like nutty and cinnamony Snickerdoodle 😛


So let’s get making! 🙂


60g Snickerdoodle cookie butter

150g  Scottish porridge oats (you don’t have to use Scottish oats but I find larger oat flakes form better granola) 

40g Pecans

40g Cashews

40g Almonds

15g Cacao nibs  (I used Kaizen Living)

20g LucyBee coconut oil 

30g Beloved date syrup  (you could sub maple syrup but this stuff is amaaaaazing)

3 TBSP Sukrin gold brown sugar 

2 TBSP Cinnamon

1TSP Mixed spice

1TSP Nutmeg



1.Preheat oven to 160 degrees

2.Combine oats with the crushed nuts, spices and sweetener

3.Melt together coconut oil and date syrup (30 seconds in the microwave) then stir them  through the oats and nuts

4.Spread the mixture on grease proof paper then pop in oven for 15 minutes

5.Remove from the oven and pour into a bowl

6.Stir through the Hognuts Bakin’ Butter to form clumps then place back onto the paper then pop in the oven for 10 minutes (whilst waiting refrain from eating the rest of the entire tub of peanut butter..) 😉

7.Remove and allow to cool then once cooled leave clumpy or break down depending on how you like your granola

8.Store in airtight container for 4/5 days

Enjoy with greek yogurt/ almond or coconut milk or on it’s own as a snack to graze on 🙂




Hope you love these new Bakin’ butters as much as we do!

Do let me know how you get on eating them, baking with them and experimenting like I have done here 🙂  good luck picking a favourite flavour…

lots of love,



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