Chiquito’s Get Fresh Taster Event! 


I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to Mexican food so recieving an invite to try the popular Chiquito’s Brand new ‘get fresh’ Chiquila menu pairing was an offer I simply could not turn down! 😀

Armed with my fellow foodie, Christabel Jones, we set off to enjoy an evening of fresh, delicious Mexican dishes & cocktails


I must admit, I generally prefer eating at smaller independently run businesses over chains as i find the food is clearly pre-packaged, but here’s the thing,  clearly Chquito’s have stepped up their game and taken this on board when re-designing and re-launching their entire get fresh menu, of which 86% is made then and there on the day and both Christabel and myself agreed, this really did come across throughout the dishes!

The first thing we both noticed when arriving was the warm hospitality of the staff working there who greeted us with a glass of bubbly and some nachos served with a beetroot feta dip (which was to die for!)

Dish 1 – Halloumi Bites with a Pineapple and black pepper Margarita 


My thoughts on these were absolutely spot on, the cheese was delightful and I felt they were a great way to kick off the evening

Christabel’s thoughts:  ‘The halloumi bites were really soft and melty paired nicely with a sweet cranberry sauce which added a nice tang and contrasted with the smooth flavour of the cheese well’ 

Dish 2- Soft Tacos with a 1800 Classic Margarita 


This dish was stunning, a mini soft taco wrapped around soft cooked fresh chipotle cod loin with a chipotle mayo, dressed with baby gem lettuce and red onion.  I think this dish was my favourite as I absolutely love fish- the freshness of the cod was so evident in this dish!

Christabel enjoyed it to: ‘The cod loin was delicious and succulent with a chilli heat which made the margarita it came with an excellent accompaniment’

Dish 3- Habarnero Honey Chicken with Tequila con Sangrita


Two mini chicken skewers marinated in a rich habanero and honey glaze- it was exactly as delicious as it sounds! The honey could not have been a better complement to the spicy habanero glaze, a match made in taste-bud heaven!

Christabel’s thoughts: ‘The honey and habenero chicken was my absolute favourite. It was so soft with a sweet flavour and a hint of heat from the habenero but not too much to over power the whole flavour of the dish. I could have eaten plate fulls of it!’ 

Dish 4- Chimchirri skirt steak with 1800 Cabernet Smoked Rosemary Margarita


A succulent skirt steak served medium rare on a bed of mixed peppers and onions with a homemade chimchirri. Now this was the first time i’d ever tried this cut of steak before and my god was I pleasantly surprised! It was beautifully cooked and marinated perfectly as to not overpower the flavour of the steak, I know Christabel agreed with me on this exactly:

‘The steak was cooked to perfection-pink in the middle and seared on the outside. The spices used for the whole dish were well balanced and aromatic’ 

Dish 5- Churros with Patron XO Incendio 


Luxurious and freshly made chocolate filled churros, need we say more? This was paired with an incredibly strong and spicy wine known as ‘Patron XO Incendio’ and definitely had a massive kick to it!

Overall the experience was incredible, the passion and freshness of the food really came across in the dishes and we had a lovely evening!

These events will be running all across the country and we cant recommend them enough- fresh, succulent and authentic Mexican food cooked to perfection.

Thank you for having us Chiquito! We can’t wait to come back!

Vee & Christabel 

❤ ❤


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