How to make my Baked Proats!  

Hello you beautiful lot 🙂

I’ll keep this post short & sweet!

Seeing as I get asked every single day how I make my baked proats, I thought I’d share it on the blog so it’s available for you at the click of a button ☺️

Be sure to Tag Me if you give these a go 😀

There’s no huge secret really- But the key is the combination of ingredients I use as it basically makes a big cake with a crispy topping and gooey centre 😋😋

So here we go!


Porridge oats – I typically use 80-100g

Coconut flour –20g (I use Sukrin)

Whey (any flavour)-30g

A fruit purée- 100g (I use banana, pumpkin, apple, beetroot, raspberry or butternut squash etc)

A pinch of Baking powder

Sweetener to taste- (depending on your whey) I use Sukrin gold, Coconut Merchant, TRKG Syrups or nothing!

Almond milk – approximately 250/300ml

Coconut oil to line the bowl (I use LucyBee)

And that’s literally it 😀

(Just a note- you must must use the combination of oats, whey, purée, coconut flour, baking powder and milk to get the outer crispy finish & inner gooey cake centre, the use of casein & other flours doesn’t work well)


-Mix all the dry ingredients together then pour in your fruit puree of choice

-You then want to add enough milk so that it looks ‘sloppy’ (I rarely measure the milk to be honest, I eye ball it till it looks covered as every fruit puree differs)

-Line your bowl with coconut oil then pour in your mixture

-Let it chill for a few hours in the fridge (minimally 1 hour) to absorb the liquid then bake them at 180-200 degrees for 30-35 minutes


This is how they should look fresh out the oven:


you know the drill 😉

Top them with whatever your heart desires!

I always go for nut butter obviouslyyyyy (Hognuts because they’re the best nut butters out there) chocolate, biscuits, fruit, popcorn etc

Flavour combination ideas:

I’m currently obsessed with chocolate caramel using puréed banana and chocolate caramel whey, you could do this with chocolate whey and a few drops of caramel extract or caramel syrup by TRKG Healthy Living.

Or apple pie using puréed Apple and the organic protein co whey which has a delicious creamy flavour (add in cinnamon when you do this too!)

If you keep up to date with my posts you’ll know I have something different everyday as I love trying out new flavours 😛

Please please tag me if you give these a go as I don’t always see comments especially if I haven’t checked my phone in a while (first world problems)

Any questions you know where I am 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great Bank holiday!

Lots of love,



6 thoughts on “How to make my Baked Proats!  

  1. Hi Vee! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a few weeks now.. Your proats bowls always look delicious but so naughty..! What are the nutritional benefits of a typical bowl and don’t the chocolates, biscuits etc weigh out the good? Are they generally based on a heavy-gym lifestyle? I’m really keen to try! Thanks 🙂


    • Hello Georgie 🙂
      okay so firstly, i cant answer that because it will depend on which fruit puree you choose to use and which whey you use etc etc
      secondly the reason i’ve put up the method is because people on instagram ask me how i make them every night so i thought it would be easier having it somewhere rather than typing it out everyday- eating this is something I choose to do becuase i enjoy it, its not something i expect anyone to copy 🙂
      thirdly, i weight train about 5 days a week so having this at night helps re-fuel my muscles and helps me sleep
      and finallyyyyy, i dont believe in ‘good’ or ‘naughty/bad’ food- i believe in balance and everything in moderation 🙂 Hope that helps answer all your questions lovely!


  2. Hi, I’ve tried making this a few times, but don’t quite end up with the same texture as you. Mine is never as crunchy on the outside, even though I leave it in for quite a while after you recommend. Any tips for me?


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